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Staff Directory

Badaluco, Sonny (530) 458-2156 ex.14516 Personal Finance & ASB Director
Bradbury, Gayle (530) 458-2156 ex.14501 Attendance Clerk
Brooks, Samantha (530) 458-2156 ex.14543 English
Burg, Nikole ex.14513 Teacher
Changus, Rebecca Principal
Colligan, Mary (530) 458-2156 ex.14530 Music
Corriea, Mrs. (530) 458-2156 ex.14521 Government/Library Supervisor
Crabtree, Tim (530) 458-2156 ex.14532 Ag
Giffin, Mr. (530) 458-2156 ex.14522 English
Jessee, Matthew (530) 458-2156 ex.14538 PE Coach
Lay, Eric (530) 458-2156 ex.14593 Athletic Director/Support
Lori, Tanner (530) 458-2156 ex.14508 Counselor
Lyons, Tina (530) 458-2156 ex.14592 PE Coach
Michalk, Melissa (530) 458-2156 ex.14523 Spanish
Nail, Mitchell (530) 458-2156 ex.14525 English
Olson, Ms. (530) 458-2156 ex.14520 Math
Ramirez, Mr. Teacher
Ramirez, Rebecca (530) 458-2156 ex.14594 Spanish
Robertson, Rebecca Teacher
Ruiz, Cecilia Staff
Scofield, Shannon (530) 458-2156 ex.14524 Sp. Ed.
Seaver, Gay (530) 458-2156 ex.14152 Counselor Clerk
Stever, Mrs. (530) 458-2156 ex.14527 English
Summerville, Jean ex.14531 Teacher
Thomas, Heather (530) 458-2156 ex.14534 Ag
Townzen, Darren (530) 458-2156 ex.14529 Math
Whitaker, Virginia (530) 458-2156 ex.14526 Sp. Ed.
Williamson, Joe (530) 458-2156 ex.14512 History
Wirt, John (530) 458-2156 ex.14519 Biology
Zwald, Megan (530) 458-2156 ex.14528 Biology