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Sophomore Holocaust Paper

Below are the topics for the Holocaust research paper.  The topics are linked to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Website (USHMM).  Will help you research your topic.  Be sure to use the "Related Articles" link to easliy find more sources. 


Your task is as follows:

  1. Review assigned topic and think about what you all ready know about it
  2. Complete First page of Research Paper Guide - Thesis, Bridge, & Hook building
  3. Conduct research using USHMM link, related articles link, and library books
  4. Complete Works Cited Page - Min. of 3 sources
    1. ​1 Source must be an article from either the Student Resource Center or ProQuest
  5. Complete Research Paper Guide
  6. Write 1st draft
  7. Review, Proofread, Edit, Repeat!
  8. Write final draft
  9. Review, Proofread, Edit, Repeat!
  10. Turn in on TIME!

Research Topics

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