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Early Assessment Program (EAP)


Early Assessment Program (EAP)

Students entering the CSU system are required to take placement tests in math (ELM) and

English (EPT) unless they are exempt. The California State University has developed the EAP

program which provides our 11th grade students an opportunity to demonstrate college readiness

for the CSU system through their STAR testing. Students can earn exemptions for the ELM/EPT

through EAP. To participate in the EAP, students take short voluntary assessments on the CST in

ELA and Math. The math portion of the EAP is only available to students enrolled in Alg.2 or

higher math class.

The EAP consists of 15 extra math problems, 15 extra English questions and a 45 minute English

essay. The math and English questions are administered as a part of the CST. The essay portion

of the EAP is administered in early March so please check with your student’s English teacher

or counselor for more information.

Many community colleges are now accepting EAP test results as a waiver to their college's

assessment for the placement of students demonstrating college readiness. For a list of

community colleges that accept EAP results to demonstrate proficiency, please visit


We highly encourage every 11th grade student that is eligible to participate in EAP testing!