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Welcome to the California Scholarship Federation Homepage!


The California Scholarship Federation is a state-wide organization that honors exceptional scholarship in high school students.  Students who maintain their membership in CSF for four or more semesters during their sophomore through senior years receive the CSF gold seal on their diplomas and are recognized at graduation with CSF honor cords.

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Types of Membership


Life membership is granted to students who have maintained their grades and CSF membership through at least four semesters during their sophomore, junior and senior years.  At least one semester toward life membership must be completed during the senior year.


Associate membership is granted to students who have not yet earned grades as sophomores (also known as freshmen) based on grades earned the last semester of the 8th grade and in the 9th grade.  All students are welcome in CSF, regardless of grade level.

History of CSF


The California Scholarship Federation (CSF) was founded in 1921 by Charles F. Seymour.  Other than Phi Beta Kappa, CSF is the oldest honor society in California.  Eligibility for membership is based solely on a student's academic excellence.  The Colusa Chapter of CSF was founded in 1924 and has been honoring outstanding Colusa High School graduates ever since.