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A-G Requirements

A-G Requirements


UC-CSU Comparison of Minimum Eligibility Requirements

Cal State University (CSU) University of California (UC)


Calculate GPA using only “a-g” approved courses taken after the 9th grade



  • 15 yearlong college-prep courses from approved “a-g” list are required:
  • 11 of the 15 yearlong college-prep courses must be completed by end of junior year.


“a” History/Social Science

            1 year of history/social science from either the “a” or “g” subject area

            1 year of world history


“b” English 4 years of English (including no more than 1 year of ESL/ELD courses)


“c” Mathematics

  • 3 years of Math (Algebra I and Algebra II, geometry); 4 years recommended


“d” Laboratory Science

            At least 1 year of physical science (Chemistry) and 1 year of biological science 

            3 year recommended


“e” Language Other Than English (must be the same language)

            2 years required - 3 years recommended


“f” Visual and Performing Arts – 1 year of:

            Art History, Art Appreciation, Theatre Production or Band (as of 2019)


1 year of an elective chosen from any area on approved “a-g” course list

“g” College-Preparatory Elective



Maximum of 8 extra grade points awarded for approved honors and APcourses and transferable community college courses.