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Helpful Websites

Helpful Websites


Helpful Websites

Exploring College Options Your one stop shop for college opportunities, financial aid,

etc. in California - College Board home page containing college, testing and

financial aid information – Peterson’s education center with a wide range of information

and services – Provides college and financial aid search options - Princeton Review’s site of 331 Best Colleges – a comprehensive site with college search options,

scholarships, test prep information and career assessments – College search options as well as numerous articles

and information about the college search process – a free, non-biased and easy to navigate web site accessing

over 5400 colleges – College search options as well as financial aid and

admission info - Many web sites related to the college selection

process – College, career and financial aid options including online

applications – Website to find and apply electronically to hundreds of

schools – Database containing free college and scholarship search

options - Links to all college and university home pages - A college search provided by the Federal

Government - The Massachusetts Board of Higher Education’s home page with

information about higher education and admission requirements at the state universities

and colleges - Information and search options of the 53 independent

schools - Information on college searching, financial aid and career

planning - Admissions information as well as general articles and

newsletters - A comprehensive directory of United States

colleges and universities, since 1996.


Exploring Financial Aid & Scholarships - A comprehensive site with hundreds of links – File the FAFSA electronically through this site -

Detailed information about completing the FAFSA - Electronic version of the CSS

Profile - Large database with search options for scholarship information - Financial aid and scholarship information,,325_496,00.html – Financial aid information

for both students and parents - Provides information on colleges, test preparation

and free scholarship and financial aid searches - An online scholarship search for private

scholarship sources - A private, not-for-profit organization providing education financing

and loan info - A non-profit corporation providing college loans and

information – The home page for the Student Loan Marketing Association - Free scholarship database sponsored by College


Test Preparation and Information – College Board’s home page with links to SAT

registration and info – Information and registration for the ACT’s – Test preparation information and more – SAT study guides and information about raising one’s score – Free ACT and SAT prep information - Princeton Review’s site with course offerings and

study guide - Website that provides strategies for

tests - The National Center for Fair and Open Testing

compiled a list of over 700 schools where the SAT/ACT is optional

Miscellaneous – Access to the Common Application accepted at over 200

private schools – The National Association of College Admission Counseling

home page including a list of national college fairs and college related articles - Lists America’s “100 Most Wired Colleges” – Information regarding eligibility for college bound athletes - The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics’ home page - Links to historically Black college and

university home pages – Website for the United Negro College Fund that includes

scholarship information and lists of affiliated schools - Links to resources for the learning disabled – Information about Jewish life on college campuses – Information about over 700 “church related”

colleges – A comprehensive listing of Catholic colleges

and universities – Links to Jesuit college and university home pages – A listing of national and local fraternity and sorority

chapters – Information on colleges with cooperative education programs

Majors and Careers

Majors Search on The Princeton Review

Peterson's College Search

Collegeboard Major & Career Profiles

Rutgers College Majors and Career Information

Massachusetts Career Information System (MassCIS)