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Reunion News

Vintage Picnic Reunion

Do Reunions have to stop?

    I gotta confess -- I'm a nut for puzzles -- Today I worked the daily  cryptoquote puzzle, and the quotation rang a resounding gong in my head. 

    The quotation was this: "Every parting is a form of death, just as every reunion is a type of Heaven".  That ain't just Dixie whistling, folks, that's the truth!  It does hurt to part, but at every Vintage Picnic Reunion,  you should see the heavenly happiness that happens on  old classmates faces every time they spot a friend from years ago. 

    Now most classes give up on their reunions after the 50th - But NOT us!  We old "Vintage" codgers START havin' 'em on the 50th anniversary of each class's graduation!  They are the "Frosh" class of our jolly frolic. And we continue to mail invitations to all classes who have graduated 50 or more years ago.

    FYI: The Vintage Picnic Reunion is held every May, on the first Saturday after Mother's Day in the park at 4th & Parkhill. So if you're curious to see how 68 to 90+ year oldsters can whoop & howl, drop in on us - It's free!

        Del Fullmer - Class of 1945

Having a Class Reunion?

Is your class planning a reunion?  Let us know the date and any information you may want to share with our alumni.  We can post your reunion information here on our webiste.  Good luck with your plans!!  Hope to see you in Colusa soon.  You can send your reunion information to us by contacting Jerry Davies at                  

Recent Reunion News

Next  year, the class of 1961 will join the Vintage Alumni Group celebrating 50 years of being alumni of Colusa High School.  Congratulations Class of 1961.


The Class of 1975 celebrated their 35 year reunion in August with an early morning bike ride through the Sutter Buttes and a dinner at Granzella's restaurant.  The next morning, families and friends of the class enjoyed a breakfast at the home of Charles and Elizabeth Yerxa.  Following the reunion weekend, the Class of 1975 donated $700 to the Colusa High School Alumni Association from revenues generated at the reunion.  The class chose to direct the funds donated to the Art and Music programs at Colusa HIgh School.  Thank you Class of 1975!

Class of 1971
Class of 1971