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Mrs. Boggs

Mrs. Boggs with her "You Inspired Me" Award

Mrs. Vivian Heliker

Mrs. Vivian Heliker recieivng her husband Art Heliker's award from Class of 1980 representative Rhonda Anderson.

Mr. Joe Unzueta

Mr. Joe Unzueta receiving his "You Inspired Me Award"

Juanita Roberts was nomitated by CRAF for her years of service to CHS

Juanita Roberts was nominated by CRAF to commemorate her years of service.


Rasmussen's Receive

Ron & Sue Rasmussen received their award through a generous donation from Ben King ('77).


"You Inspired Me"

3 Recipients Honored in 2015

You Inspired Me 2015
Inspire Me 2015 - Picture 2
Inspire Me 2015 - Picture 3

Nominate Someone Who Inspired You!

Is there a teacher, coach, advisor, staff member or adminstrator that inspired you during your time at Colusa High?  Thanks to a generous donation from alum Ben King ('77), you can honor the person that made such an impression upon your life.  The person selected will receive a plaque and recognition at Colusa High School home event and have their name placed on the Donor Wall at the Colusa HIgh Football Stadium.  The price to express permanent apprecition for a person who inspired you is $500.  For more information please contact the Colusa Unified School District Office at 530 458-7791 or mail a request to CRAF/ Alumni Association  P.O. Box 1027  Colusa, CA  95932. 

List of Recipients

Name of Recipient                                     Date Honored                                        Alumni Donor


Dave Dana                                                     10-16-10                                     Ben King   "Class of 1977"

Barbara Boggs                                               01-12-11                                     Class of 1980

Georgia Raczniak                                           01-12-11                                    Class of 1980

Art Heliker                                                       01-12-11                                    Class of 1980

Joe Unzueta                                                    02-03-12                                    Alumni Association

Larry Yeghoian                                               06-01-12                                    CUSD Board of Trustees

Juanita Roberts                                              12-14-12                                    CRAF

Ron & Sue Rasmussen                                  09-27-13                                     Alumni Association

Mrs. Claire Pence                                          01-28-14                                Nancy Tennant Potts & Susan Tennant Rohles

Mrs. Frances White                                        01-28-14                               Nancy Tennant Potts & Susan Tennant Rohles