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Donor Wall
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Donor Wall Order Form 

Click the link above for an order form

 Colusa Athletic Facility

To order a Donor Wall brick to be kept in perpetuity at the Colusa Athletic Facility located at the new on-campus football stadium at Colusa High School, you will need to follow the directions below.

The Donor Wall consists of three separate walls configured to allow full access to any and all sides for viewing. There are 504 bricks available for donor designation on each of the six sides of the Donor Walls. You will have the opportunity to select the placement of your donor brick(s) on any side of the walls designated Wall A through F, numbers 1 through 504.

The Donor Wall bricks are available as follows:

1 single brick with a single face plate = $100

2 bricks in a double face plate = $200

4 bricks with a 4 square face plate = $400

You may designate your donor brick to reflect writing similar to the brick shown on the web site. The bricks could include:

In Memory of

In Honor of

Dedicated to

Donated by

Class of

Best Wishes to

Thanks for the Memories

Please note there may be additional charges if the lettering is excessive. If you have any concerns or questions please contact:

CUSD Superintendent, Dwayne Newman, 530-458-7791 or e-mail:

For additional Stadium and Donor Wall information you may contact Mary Lyttle at 530-458-7791.  If you wish to place an order for a Donor Brick, please download and fill out the order form on the next page and, along with your tax-deductible check, mail them both to:

Colusa Athletic Facility

Colusa Unified School District

745 Tenth St.

Colusa, CA 95932

Brick position is 1 through 504 (numbering left to right in consecutive order), with positions available on first come, first serve basis.